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I am now accepting assignments for winter indoor events.  If you have an event you would like photographed, please call or email and ask!  If the event is local to Columbus (between Mansfield & Portsmouth, Springfield and Marietta), I do NOT charge to come to your event! 



Photo Restoration




Chris & Kirk Engagement Photos



Eddie Riffe LIVE!!








Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf Tournament

Huntington, WV  October 8, 2010

Herald Nesbitt Family Reunion Pages, Sept 2010

Group Photos, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5



To Horse Show Organizers:   I also work with exhibitors at events to make sure that I have those great photos of them and  their horses. 

I work inside the arena whenever permitted to do so.  If the show won't allow me in the arena,

I shoot from outside with a long telephoto lens to get the best shots possible. I will work inside whenever allowed to get those "perfect" shots.  I upload the event photos to my website within 5 days of the events for the exhibitors to see. 

If you want me to photograph for your club, this can be arranged.  My charges are minimal and include full CD's of all events of the day.  This makes a great way for a club to generate income as your club can then sell the photos to the club members.  Contact me for more informationFor 2010 I will require a simple contract to be signed for all events. 

Please contact me for 2010 availability for your events! 

Please note:  I do NOT print on location.  Why?  Because the photos that are printed "on site" are printed, just that.  There are no "printers" that can actually make high quality photographs!  Within 5 years they fade and are no longer any good.  I only use professional labs for photo processing on archival paper that will last for the next 100 years.  Beware of photographers who say they will print on site.  This is a high charge for work that will be gone in just a few years!  

February 6, 2010 Horse Snow Photos

Fairfield County Fair 4H, Open, and Fun Shows

Over 3300 photos taken from Wednesday through Saturday!

(please note:  There are 12 photos per page and over 271 web pages. Look for the time of your event, then click on various pages to get to your shots)

Wednesday English Showmanship  Wednesday Western Showmanship,     Thursday Horsemanship,     Thursday Roping, Thursday Trail In Hand,    Friday Open Show Costumes,     Friday Open Show, Part 1    Friday Open Show Part 2,     Friday Open Show Part 3,     Friday Afternoon,     Saturday Fun Show,      Saturday Contesting




ORCHA Derby November 6 & 7th, 2009

Photos are posted by time frame.  Please note with the exception of the western pleasure class, these are not color or contrast corrected nor are they cropped.  When you order they will be adjusted.

Friday: 10AM - 11AM; 11AM - 12PM; 12PM - 1PM; 1PM & On

Saturday:  Western Pleasure; 9AM - 10AM; 10AM - 11AM; 11AM - 12PM12PM - 1PM;1PM - 2PM; 2PM - 3PM; 3PM - 4PM; 4PM - 5PM; 5PM - 6PM; 6PM - 8PM; 8PM - 9PM9PM  - 10PM; 10PM to Derby;    PM Pro Derby 

SOPQA Show Lancaster, October

Contesting 1, Contesting 2, Contesting 3, English, Halter & Showmanship, To Lead or Not to Lead, Western & Pleasure



September Fall Frolic Carriage Show, Infirmary Mound Park, Granville, OH

Saturday Page 1, Page 2, Page 3;  Sunday Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4



Geenup County Lions Club Walking & Racking Show, Greenup,KY July 26, 2009, 800+ photos are on these pages.

Affiliated with the following: Kentucky Walking Horse Association; Ohio Valley Walking Horse Association; Eastern Kentucky Walking & Racking Association; Central Kentucky Horse Show Association; Ohio Kentucky Walking & Racking Association;  KYOWVA Racking Horse Association; Spotted Saddle Horse Association of Kentucky; Racking Horse Breeders Association of America; Central Kentucky Racking Horse Association

Click here for Classes 1-5 6-10 11-15,   16-20,   21-25,   26-33



ORCHA Show, Henderson June 28, 2009

 Please note that when you order your photos or the shots, they will be color corrected and light corrected.  These are just proofs.  There are over 600 photos in no particular order, so please check all pages for your photos!

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5


SOQPA Show, June 27

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8




SOQPA Show, May 2, 2009 Pickerington County Fairgrounds


Halter & Showmanship

English Classes

Western Classes



OFQHA May 16 Show, Guernsey County Fairgrounds

June Show Partial (Cutting and Western Pleasure)

Good Luck to all contestants!  Please check back with me at the Reining Cow DERBY in Jackson on November 7, 8.

Page 1   Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5


The Fairfield County 4H Horse Show 2008

Click here for a few randomly selected photos of the 3300 photos taken.



Winter and Snow and Horses and More, 2009



The Blizzard of 2008

The Clean-up



Winter on Big Walnut Creek

Click here for more!


Past Photo Shoots:


Lancaster Horse Show, September 15, 2007

Southern Ohio Quarter Pony Association Show, Circleville, OHIO

Page 1 Poles

Page 2    Barrels  

Page 3 Halter, Costume, Showmanship

Page 4 Equestrian, Walk/Trot, Miscellaneous

       OFQHA Show





If you hire me to come to your farm for a photo shoot,  this is typical of what you will receive.   Click here to get to the shots of Porche'!

This photo shoot was to show the training of this filly, Porche'.  She has been under saddle just a few times now (under 8) and was ready for some photos. 

I gear my shoots to what YOU want.  In this case it was the progress being made. 

 I shot several photos of Porche' who is being trained by Windy Donley.  We took photos of her being trained in this sequence.  Thirty very good photos were then cleaned up for the web & purchase. 

I can also set up a webpage for your horse for sale or just to show how great it is!   Then you can link to it from or other venues! A typical shoot lasts around an hour for a single horse like this.

Please ask for any special shoots!  Just me, your horse and you interacting on your farm gets the very best shots, especially for horses who are being sold.   A shoot costs $100.00 if I come to your farm.  If at an event, the shoot is free, but the photos are the standard $8.00 each plus $5.95 for the CD which will be burned at the event, or mailed to you, your choice.



Miscellaneous Photo Albums


I am now accepting assignments for horse shows for 2010.  If you have an event you would like photographed, please call or email and ask!  If the event is local to Columbus (between Mansfield & Portsmouth, Springfield and Marietta), I do NOT charge to come to your horse show within the area unless your event is a several day event! 

  • Now you CAN!   For an incredibly LOW price, you can have your favorite animal photographed professionally for your records, to frame and put on a wall, or to use for increased sales!
  • EVENTS:  I will have my computers set up and will process the photos at the event.  I then burn the shots to a CD for your participants at $7.00 per shot plus $5.00 for the CD.  If there are many customers, I may mail them after the event.
  • I also have several things at the shows that your participants can order with their shots on them!   Please ask for pricing!
  • Payments:  Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check.
  • Private Appointments:  I do not charge travel to and from your event so long as it is within the area represented above.  I do charge $75.00 which includes up to 8 shots.  After 8 shots, the price is as above. 
  • Weddings:  Please call for information
  • Sitting Payment must be made prior to photos being shot.  At shows or events I will accept cash.  If I am at a show or event, there is NO SITTING FEE.
  • Get your Senior Photos the RIGHT way!  However you want to look, doing the thing you LOVE, I will capture it for you.  See this page for an example of what a shoot will give you. I work with a professional lab and can show you what you can order to make your High School Graduation special.  We can do Graduation Invitations as well that are personalized with your graduate!  You will have a choice of many things to order when we do your shoot.  Collages are $50.00 and are printed as an 11 X 17 your choice. 


Whether it is your wedding (yes, we do those too!) Dairy Goat, your Horse, your family Dog or Cat, or even the new Rooster, I can photograph YOU OR YOUR ANIMALS!

To schedule a sitting, email me and we will set up a date.



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